Kunst & Zwalm
Croxhapox/Boem vzw
3 Posters
7 Posters septilingual
6 flyers
1 Visitor guide

A Collaborative design-project by Grotezk Studio + Piet Bodyn. Designed for the biannual city art-festival Kunst & Zwalm. It's design plays with the idea of movement. To venture through the picturesque area of Zwalm.
"Between many others" 
a language-project by Daniel Dewaele for K&Z21
As part of Daniel's project, 7 posters had to be made in Hungarian, Arabic, Russian, Polish, Romanian, Portugese and Czech. 
6 unique postcards based on the campaign image
These 6 cards were made as little art pieces by Grotezk Studio + Piet Bodyn and were easily recognisable through their bold colours
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